Tire size conversion chart that shows what P-metric tires sizes are to the equivalent imperial flotation size in inches. How to Convert a Tire Size From Inches to Metric. To convert a tire size from inches to metric, the steps above simply need to be reversed. Start by converting. Easily find and compare tire sizes with our convenient Tire Size Calculator. Get accurate tire dimensions and perform quick tire. What Is a Tire Size Calculator? A tire size calculator is the easiest way to compare different tire sizes side by side. Tires' tire calculator allows you to. ETRTO (EUROPEAN TIRE AND RIM TECHNICAL ORGANIZATION) SIZES are given for all tires. In this example: 32 x , the first number (32) is the tire width in.

There are basically three different systems of tire description: · Inch system (You are probably familiar with it as tire size readings like - 16 or /S. *Based on the passenger tire equivalent ("PTE"), a conversion factor for converting between numbers of scrap tires and weight. CONVERSION CHART - PASSENGER. Tire size equivalent chart for 33", 35", 37" or 40" tires ; 35X · / ; / · / Vintage Car Tyre Conversion Chart ; Y ; A, A, A ; B, B, B Tire Conversion Chart, Old Sizes To Radial Size ; , R14 ; , R14 ; , R14 ; , E, R Diamond Back Classic Tires is an online tire shop that creates custom tires for classic cars. Diamond Back creates white wall tires, redline tires. Free calculator to find the dimensions of a tire based on its code. It also helps in choosing alternative tire sizes based on rim size or comparing two. Tire Size calculator use our tire calculator to compare tire sizes based on tire diameter, radius, sidewall height, circumference. Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels – UNDISPUTED Mickey Thompson Metric Conversion Charts. Example: /70R15 = Section width in millimeters 70 = Aspect ratio. Tire size conversion chart for the rim diameter: 15" ; /70R15, XR15 ; /80R15, XR15 ; /45R15, XR15 ; /50R15, XR

Tire Size Charts ; series 14" Radial Tires · R ; series 14" Radial Tires · R ; series 14" Radial Tires · R ; series. Easy tire size converter. Find any metric tire conversion to inches or inches to metric with our tire size converter. Also find tire conversion equivalents. Size Conversions For Agricultural Tires. Standard. Metric. Metric. R /80R Michelin XMCL. R /80R Michelin XZSL. Michelin XMCL. R-. Tire size calculator compares diameter, width, circumference and speedometer differences for any two tire sizes. Supports tire sizes in metric and inches. The tire size comparison calculator takes the measurements of two tires and compares the diameter, width, sidewall, circumference, and revolutions per mile. Farm Tire Conversion Chart ; , ; , / ; , ; , / This calc converts a Metric tire to inches. Most of the formulas dealing with gear ratios will want a tire diameter (measured in inches). This formula is a. About Us The Metric Tire Conversion Calculator converts metric tire sizes (ie /75R16) to standard tire sizes (ie 31xR15) and standard tires back to. To convert alpha numeric tires to P-metric sized tires, it is important to identify the original tire's aspect ratio. The series alpha numeric tires should.

DUNLOP MOTORCYCLE STREET TIRE. SIZE CONVERSION CHART. Crawlpedia's tire size converter will convert metric tire sizes to inches and standard inch tire sizes to their metric size equivalent. P-Metric Tire Sizes – P-Metric to Inches Conversion Chart ; 16 Inch, /75R16, inches, inches ; 16 Inch · /85R16, inches, inches. *Based on the passenger tire equivalent ("PTE"), a conversion factor for converting between numbers of scrap tires and weight. CONVERSION CHART - PASSENGER. Use the following chart to figure out the closest modern tire size to your car's original tires. Keep in mind these are close approximations and may not be.

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